Freshomatic Vending Services has relationships with all the major suppliers of foods products in the US including Pepsi, Coke, Oroweat, Bimbo Bakeries, among many others. Because of this we can offer your organization the appropriate mix of vending foods, from snacks to foods, healthy foods, and drinks.


Why Choose FreshomaticUSA Foods & Beverages?

Our Foods and Beverage vending solution ensures efficiently accessible food items are always available via vending machines located throughout your facility.

We start your service by setting up an initial inventory of the popular snacks and foods. Second, we track your employees' favorites and set-up a custom Consumption Profile for your account. By using machine audits and a regular service schedule, we guarantee to keep your vending machine items stocked. Our service commitment also includes preventative machine maintenance, 2 hour response times on Customer Service Calls, 24 hour customer service representatives, and an integrated communications system with call tracking. When you add our commitment to service with our superior advantage, we are the number one choice for your vending services.

When the craving hits, you will find a variety of tasty snacks including healthy snacks, and foods stocked in your vending machines, not the same boring snacks. Your Consumption Profile not only guarantees employee favorites, but allows us to identify new products and new flavors of existing products to add to your product rotation schedule.

Our inventory includes both national and regional brands. When a new product hits the market your employees will be able to find their new favorites in their vending machine.

Food Services

Weather your organization is a school, factory or a health conscientious facility, we offer on-site food service solutions to fit your challenges. Our Managed foods service provides a one stop shop for all your solutions. Perhaps you need a cafeteria set, or another form of foods rationing center. We can deliver a seamless and fully integrated approach to your foods services.

Managed Coffee Services

Freshomatic's unique Coffee Service includes all necessary break room products needed by any organization; in the office, break-room, you name it, we're there. Our extensive selection of gourmet coffee from Starbucks to Maxwell House is the same great coffee served at many coffee houses.


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Freshomatic Vending offers a full range of vending machines capable of meeting the needs of any size organization.

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